Fiskars Classic Scissors - Needlework Micro-Tip® 13 cm

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Multiple facet grinds on the tip and sharp fine blades

For greater visibility and for intricate and delicate cutting needs (detailed paper work)

Right- and left-handed

The Classic orange-handled scissors are the leading force in quality:

The unique, patented handle design of Fiskars’ scissors makes them very ergonomic and comfortable,

even during prolonged use.

They are made in Finland from only the highest quality stainless steel (HRC 57).

During the manufacturing process the blades are hardened and tempered to produce the best cut.

The grinding, in conjunction with the hardening and tempering process, ensures long-lasting sharpness.

The faceted blades and 60° edge blades make precision cutting easy.

Made with non-toxic materials (cadmium free PBT plastic).

Injection-moulded onto the blades to ensure a hygienic joint between the blades and the handle.

All these scissors are dishwasher proof and shock resistant.

Orange-handled scissors can be sterilised in an autoclave up to 137°C.

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