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Thank you for stopping by my little boutique of all things pretty and crafty - I hope you enjoy your visit and if you don't find what you're after, that you're at least inspired to go and have a play!

As you may well have guessed, my name is Lizi, a mum to a wonderful little Piggy (a nickname which I’m sure he will hate when he is old enough!) and as a lawyer by trade, this has been quite the career change -but I certainly haven't looked back! I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember – I wasn’t allowed to watch TV as a child very much so at a young age found my love for all things glittery and pretty!

In September 2016, I opened the virtual doors of Love From Lizi (LFL) with a handful of products and a head full of ideas. A year on and the picture is still similar, but no longer a hand full - rather a warehouse full - the ideas do keep pouring in, and there are some very exciting times ahead for LFL. I hope you check back soon for updates.

In the last year LFL has gone from strength to strength – so much so that now I am manufacturing exclusive LFL products! So far in the LFL range there are Peel Off Stickers, Photopolymer Clear Stamps, Embossing Powders, Pixie Dust, Sequin Mixes and Rhinestones. With many more new lines being added regularly.

Along with the LFL brand I carry many popular products from household crafting names to make ordering all your crafting goodies as smooth and easy as possible.

LFL is operated out of the UK but am very happy to say that the white LFL boxes get sent the whole world over. I have help from a wonderful lady - Sue who I'm gradually converting to a crafter, it’s a slow process, but she will be just as addicted as I am in no time I'm sure!

I strive to give my customer the best possible experience when shopping with me – and to be as approachable as possible, this is made very easy with my Facebook group – which I’m forever running polls to see what the customer base thinks to a new project, or asking for feedback about a new product line.

As a crafter, myself, I endeavour to offer the service I would like to receive and am always keen to hear any thoughts or comments as to how I can better improve.

Thank you

With inordinate amounts of

Love From Lizi

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